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Business Representation & Facilitation

When entering a new market it is key to have someone on the ground, someone who knows local business practices and who can engage potential business partners in their language. Going all out on a wholly owned subsidiary can be a risky undertaking due to the significant costs involved and the level of uncertainty. Sylium offers a risk free and cost efficient alternative to opening up a foreign subsidiary. We represent our clients’ product or services and facilitate business opportunities for them to conquer the market. Our performance based compensation model ensures that our clients’ best interests are perfectly aligned with our best interest.

Aside from business representation, we offer a variety of other services that are not limited to the one's listed below. Services range from developing a CI to realizing more efficient procurement of your industrial spare parts. Feel free to contact us for more info on how we can help you be more successful.

Marketing Strategy & Brand Development

In addition to our business facilitation services, we offer our expertise to help our clients develop and conduct strategic marketing campaigns. Our services range from helping to identify and formulate a unique selling proposition to organizing entire marketing campaigns.


Many companies do not fully realize the importance of developing and maintaining their brand. What makes a company great? What makes the product great? Does the presentation align with the way you want your company to be percieved?

Corporate Idendity Development

Business success is often impacted by appearance and the way a company presents itself. Having a great product/service alone is not a guarantee for success, the image that is portrayed is more of a deciding factor than some would like. A sloppy or contradicting corporate identity can really harm one’s potential. This is especially true when entering new markets. The small details are often more important than you think, whether it is the logo, website, promotional materials or something as simple as the email signature - all of it ties together.  A consistent CI has to convey the same message in all places and on all levels. As a service to our clients, we offer to review and/or develop an appropriate CI as means to grow their business and maximize potential.

Procurement & Industrial Spare Parts

Depending on the industry, the cost of spare parts just to keep your business running can be quite substantial. SYLIUM aims to get you the spare parts you need at better prices, lowering your operational expenditures and increasing your return.


We have extensive experience with heat exchanger spare parts such as plate heat exchanger gaskets and plates for gasketed plate heat exchangers from all major brands.  


Feel free to send us your inquiries for any industrial spare parts you may need.

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